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Building System Commissioning

An "independent third-party commissioning agent" is crucial in providing benefit to most every project. In providing that benefit the facility, systems, and equipment must be thoroughly designed, submitted to, and approved by a responsible, thorough, professional architectural and engineering design team to function correctly. Read More ...

What is Test & Balance

Chiller Plant illustrates what is Test and Balance

Simply stated, Air Balance or Test and Balance ensures that the recently installed or improved HVAC system is performing according to its design.

There are many variables that are considered when the mechanical engineer designs a system including equipment specifications, environmental and structural variables, and particular demand requirements for each specific space.

For instance, a laboratory may have much stricter requirements than a storage warehouse. The mechanical engineer selects equipment and air delivery sizing based on these variables and more. Often, a TAB engineer will take part in this design process to ensure optimum performance and efficiency.

When the system design and installation are complete, the Independent Test and Balance begins. As air systems have become more advanced, the equipment required to measure them and adjust them has also. Independent air balance companies focus solely on the art and science of precision test and balance with highly specialized instrumentation that requires strict professional calibration. National and international Test and Balance agencies have been created to ensure quality across the industry. There are now regulatory committees that determine error tolerances and instrumentation calibration guidelines.

Creating a complex HVAC system that performs according to its design is virtually impossible without Test and Balance. Skilled TAB engineers can to predict the effects of small adjustments and are able to bring the entire system into balance. The Test and Balance Report is the end product created by the Air balance company and documents the measurements taken before (initial) and after (final) adjustments to bring the system into balance.