Pacific Test and Balancing, Inc. was created to provide the Building Owner and the Commercial & Industrial HVAC Industry with Quality Certified Testing & Balancing Services. Our services include a pro-active approach to our Testing & Balancing which includes design document review, site observations during construction, assist in coordination of all the services needed in order to initiate and complete the TAB work, interface with the BAS Controls Contractor and provide digital recording of the TAB reporting, enabling timely completion of our TAB work to assist in the project completion and turnover.

Having the ability to provide quality TAB services includes a number of items that are also important in providing a successful MEP System Commissioning effort. The overall MEP System Commissioning Plan not only includes the HVAC and BAS Controls Systems, but will also will include commissioning of the Fire & Life Safety Systems, Piping/Plumbing Systems and Electrical/Lighting and Power Systems.

Our Certified MEP Commissioning Goals and Services are to provide Technical System Commissioning which includes proper field verification, documentation of the MEP Project Systems installation; start-up and operational testing confirming that all systems have been provided, installed, calibrated, balanced and functionally tested, including integrated performance testing verification, as designed. Our Building System Commissioning includes “Cloud-Based” Cx Documentation that allows the complete Commissioning Team to view, access and update the daily results of the Commissioning efforts.

By combining the MEP System TAB and Commissioning, these collaborated services enhance the overall quality of the construction, system readiness, functional testing and owner’s training that insures the MEP Systems are operating as designed and meet the Owner’s Project Requirements and the Basis of Design for the project.