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Air & Hydronic Balancing

All air and water flow volumes associated with the HVAC Systems are measured and adjusted with calibrated instruments to meet the design determined by the mechanical engineer’s design requirements.


Control System Verification

Correct operation of the Building Automation Control System and associated communication devices are verified, tested, calibrated and functionally tested during the testing and balancing process.


Cleanroom Performance Testing

Cleanrooms provide controlled environments that require strict certified performance testing and adjusting, including space leakage levels, progressive room pressurizations, HEPA filter leakage, air flow and pressure testing, and required cleanroom air flow volumes.


Chiller And Cooling Tower Performance Testing

Chiller and cooling tower system testing and adjustments are performed to ensure optimum system performance and safety. Malfunctioning chiller and cooling tower systems can adversely affect the performance and energy consumption of the overall HVAC System.


Duct Pressure Testing

Duct leakage is a major contributor to overall poor system performance and available pressure inconsistencies to provide for the needed airflows, per the design requirements. With our duct pressure testing method we are able to quickly identify duct system leaks and assist the mechanical contractor to efficiently remedy them.


Fumehood Testing

Exhaust air volume and velocity measurements are taken to ensure safety with proper fume hood exhaust for operator safety and assists in certification of the fume hood in order to meet design specifications for the lab space.


Indoor Environmental Testing

We perform a variety of indoor environmental testing including air flow tests to determine air changes per hour for specific occupancy functions. Improper ventilation and distribution is a cause of a poor indoor environment, which will affect employee comfort and productivity.


Sound And Vibration Testing

Design parameters for the occupied building spaces normally have specified noise and vibration level requirements. We provide testing which identifies the amount of noise and vibration that is permitted to enter the spaces from the HVAC equipment or diffuser/grille air velocities. Noise is measured in (SPL) Sound Pressure Levels with a calibrated SPL meter. This meter is used to confirm that the spaces are in agreement the design requirements. Equipment and System Vibration is measured similarly and recorded.


Pre-Construction Document Review

Our Pre-Construction Document Review provides for review to identify coordination issues and potential problems that will affect the balancing and system performance. This assists in the testing and balance phase of the project to provide a much more efficient process.


Building Systems Commissioning

After a thorough review of all building systems documentation, a commissioning plan is created to provide a clear process for verification of the installation, operation, and performance of the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and control systems. The commissioning authority conducts site observations, meets with contractors, manages deficiency issues, oversees training for the facilities operator, and performs a 10-month post construction review. Finally, a commissioning report is provided to the owner and the design and construction teams documenting the entire commissioning process.

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Everything we do is a direct result of the things we value: Family, Quality, Integrity, Consistency, and Trust. We have succeeded in the highly-competitive TAB industry by never compromising on who we are and investing heavily in the quality of our relationships. We take our job seriously and are proud to put our name on the work we do. This is evidenced by how thoroughly we hold ourselves accountable through certification. Give us to the chance to get your system balanced and a report in your hands quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

Are you tired of change orders?
PacTAB issues the fewest COs of any TAB company.

Does your TAB contractor use calibrated equipment?
PacTAB calibrates every instrument our technicians use. Not just a test set.

Are you tired of waiting for a TAB report?
PacTAB averages a 5-day turnaround from end-of-balancing to final report.

What are Others Saying About Us?

“PacTAB went above and beyond to ensure everyone was well coordinated and understood their roles and responsibilities. They also played a vital role in sharing information to the project team without requiring oversight from the mechanical team to manage the distribution channels. Most importantly,

PacTAB provided effective and timely feedback to the team that allowed us to be more productive.

I look forward to working with their team in the future.”

Reza H.

ACCO Engineered Systems

“I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Steve Smith and the crew of technicians at Pacific Test & Balance.

When working with us, our subcontractors, and our clients, their solution-based approach is rarely found in today’s market.

Whether it has been a comfort cooling system balance, cleanroom, lab performance testing, or even a fireplace pressurization issue for a prominent hotel, the PacTAB team and Steve have excelled.”

John K.


“I have worked with PacTAB on multiple projects, primarily in the healthcare sector, over the course of the last couple of years. I have been tremendously pleased with PacTAB’s efforts.

They have been extremely collaborative, true team players, and solutions-oriented.

This collaborative spirit has become more and more rare in the current environment, so my dealings with PacTAB have truly been a breath of fresh air.”

Tim C.

Dome Construction

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