Where We Work

While PacTAB is happy to support its partners wherever they need work done, as a premium service provider, we like to work where our quality and expertise are most valued. These are the industries where we most often find like-minded clients and owners. 


PacTAB has maintained vibrant relationships with some of the Bay Area’s most influential and productive bio-tech and bio-pharm facilities. These clients value quick responses, high levels of professionalism, uncompromising accuracy, and consistent results, all of which PacTAB has been able to provide for more than a decade.


The healthcare industry in California and Hawaii require around-the-clock service to sustain the integrity of their room pressures and balance of airflow. The responsibility to meet and maintain OSHPD and other standards has put them in search of a TAB contractor with the integrity, accessibility, and flexibility to meet their varying needs. PacTAB has been privileged to serve some the nations largest healthcare providers throughout California and Hawaii.


Government funding, post-pandemic values, and the deep desire to save engergy and associated costs has made the education sector an important fit for our expertise. The decades of experience and efficiency gained by our team have uniquely prepared us for the various systems knowledge, troubleshooting, and flexibility required to support the growing demand in this industry.


From military base facilities, ships, and silos, to administrative buildings, court houses, prisons, and command centers, PacTAB is well-versed in the specialized needs of each government facility. Our work has taken us across the nation and as far as Guam, Japan, and South Korea in our effort to meet the needs of this highly-sensitive and critical industry. Our team is experienced in gaining clearances for military bases and secured government facilities are already cleared for all the bases in Hawaii.

What are Others Saying About Us?

“PacTAB went above and beyond to ensure everyone was well coordinated and understood their roles and responsibilities. They also played a vital role in sharing information to the project team without requiring oversight from the mechanical team to manage the distribution channels. Most importantly,

PacTAB provided effective and timely feedback to the team that allowed us to be more productive.

I look forward to working with their team in the future.”

Reza H.

ACCO Engineered Systems

“I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Steve Smith and the crew of technicians at Pacific Test & Balance.

When working with us, our subcontractors, and our clients, their solution-based approach is rarely found in today’s market.

Whether it has been a comfort cooling system balance, cleanroom, lab performance testing, or even a fireplace pressurization issue for a prominent hotel, the PacTAB team and Steve have excelled.”

John K.


“I have worked with PacTAB on multiple projects, primarily in the healthcare sector, over the course of the last couple of years. I have been tremendously pleased with PacTAB’s efforts.

They have been extremely collaborative, true team players, and solutions-oriented.

This collaborative spirit has become more and more rare in the current environment, so my dealings with PacTAB have truly been a breath of fresh air.”

Tim C.

Dome Construction

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